05 Ways To Get More Twitch Followers In 2023

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It takes time to get more followers on Twitch, and one with a modest following. So before you start streaming, make sure you have the required stamina and tolerance. Starting from scratch can take a lot longer than you think. Still, here are some solid tips to get regular followers on Twitch. Once you’ve strengthened yourself and made a specific commitment, stick to it.

Benefits of streaming on Twitch

When we talk about live streaming, Twitch is probably the first thing that comes to mind. No wonder it’s a leader in live streaming, with a share of 67.6 percent in the second quarter of 2020. If that number isn’t emotional enough, though, check out Twitch’s daily 15 million unique callers and 500,000 pennants host. On the one hand, it is an exhausting task to stand out from such a large crowd, but on the other hand, there is a great chance to find like-minded people.

There are several ways to generate profit, such as donations and announcement profits. Another option is to create a Twitch chapter. Chapter status allows you to earn profits from subscriptions, activation bits, and game offers. Live streaming can be a real economic profession – let’s take a look at Twitch’s best pennants. According to some estimates, based on comparable data such as observers and subscriber numbers, live streamers earn the most per month:

  • Ninja ($400,000 – $800,000)
  • Cloak ($150,000 – $200,000)
  • NICKMERCS ($100,000 – $150,000)

Being a top band is great, but what about others? Well, if you have a small following of more than 100 subscribers, you can earn around $500 per month.

How to get more followers on Twitch

So don’t be suspicious: Twitch is a good place to stream, whether you consider it a hobby or a full-time job. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can do to maximize your chances of success on Twitch.

Play the right games

If you are a gamer and want to gain followers, you need to play games that suit your style. Are you a first-person shooter type? Or do you prefer casual games? Do you play triple-A titles or do you prefer retro games? Know who you are as a streamer. It helps you determine who your audience is and how to target your streams. Casual gamers tend to be more relaxed, while competitive gamers are more intense.

You should also think about what games you are going to play. Streaming a game that everyone is playing won’t get you as many Twitch viewers as there are many streamers to choose from. For example, Valorant is a popular game with 15 million Twitch followers. If you scroll through the list of creators live streaming at any given time, you’ll find that it’s going to be a long time before you see the end. There are so many streamers playing Valorant.

Create a remarkable profile

If you want to get more followers on Twitch to watch your shows, you have to attract them first. Start by setting up your profile. The first thing people see is your channel’s logo, so images play an important role in your appeal to viewers.

  • Your logo should be distinctive and easy to understand on both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Add your social pages and schedule to your cover photo. The style should also go well with your logo and reinforce your consistent, recognizable style. Don’t hesitate to use additional tools like Placeit or Visuals by Impulse.
  • Keep your bio short. Think about what makes you unique and summarize it in a few short sentences so that viewers get to know you better.
  • Add panels to your site. This is where you need to share all the important information like social media links, sponsors, and donations. The panels should match your overall site style. So adjust them to create a unique image of your channel.
  • Don’t forget to add an offline image so users don’t get a flat black screen when they visit your site.

Advertise on social media

While Twitch will become your streaming platform, you need to make sure you can reach your audience no matter where they congregate. We don’t recommend spamming them with endless promotions; Just give people a chance to watch your stream by reminding them twice. So if you plan to stream on Friday, make a post on the topic of the next stream and post it on Thursday. On Friday, 10 minutes before you start a stream, post a warning that a stream is coming up and that you want to attend it. If you ever get to the point where you’re streaming daily, you can skip the previous day’s post and only message 10 minutes before streaming starts.

Define your niche

Structuring your content is crucial for visibility. Help viewers find you by choosing the right categories and tags. You can start by analyzing which ones are popular and how many people are streaming and watching them. So don’t forget to use it. You will also need to manually enter the information about what you are streaming and remember to change it when you switch between games.

Write better stream titles

You get more Twitch followers by writing great stream titles. Because of this, Twitch streamers often come up with great, crazy titles – some of which border on the clickbaity side. The Twitch audience is a pretty chilled crowd, so most of the titles on the platform tend to be funny. While some streamers post titles that come across as outright lies, it’s usually done for comedic reasons.

When developing Twitch stream titles, make sure the audience gets exactly what they promise. Be as descriptive as possible. And if you’re collaborating with another streamer, consider adding their name to the title. If you’re up for a challenge, let people know what you’re getting into. Titles that show streamers getting frustrated are also popular on Twitch. But again, this is mainly used for comedic reasons, although there are times when streamers are just frustrated with the game they’re playing.

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