Ins And Outs Of The Roof Replacement

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A roof replacement is a project you will have to consider once in a while. It is a capital-intensive project, but perhaps you have no choice. The roof is the barrier between the living space and the elements of nature. It is a protective shield and this is precisely the reason why you can live a cozy life with your family. At some stage, you will find the roof is compromised and that is when you will have to seriously consider replacing the roof. You will need professional work for the replacement and can call over the efficient team of Cox Roofing to execute the project.

Before you set the plans in motion it is important to understand everything about the roof replacement process. A professional team will be executing the work, but as a homeowner, you should know the ins & outs. Let us discuss the fine print in detail.

Signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

Here are some indicators suggesting you need to replace the roof that is covering your home. Most of these indicators are similar for roof repairs, but if the problem is repetitive and growing bigger, you will have to plan a replacement.

  • A leak in the roof could indicate the need for replacement. You may come across a musty smell in the interiors or moist signs at higher altitudes. This indicates a compromised roof and you need to replace it.
  • Is your roof sagging? There is surely something wrong with your roof and perhaps you are dealing with weak joists. If the problem is severe you may have to replace the roof.
  • You could also have to replace the roof if there are damages to the deck. The deck is primarily composed of wood and is skeptical to water damage. You could have to replace the entire roof.
  • At times, the basic paperwork could indicate it is now time to replace the roof. If your roof is outdated, you need to plan a replacement as quickly as possible.

A re-roofing or a complete replacement:

This is the important decision you have to take as you are on the verge to replace the roof at your home. Re-roofing is an option where the shingles are placed on top of the older shingles and this is the budget option. However, there are a few drawbacks, as you plan a re-roof.

  • The major drawback is that it is not a permanent solution and only a temporary measure.
  • You can only re-roof once and will have to eventually replace the roof.

Therefore, if you can go for a complete roof replacement, you must do it now. If there are budget concerns, you can do the re-roof now and plan the complete replacement a few years down the line.

Things to consider as you plan a roof replacement:

A professional team will surely be executing the core replacement work, but being a homeowner, you should consider a few factors. Here are the details in brief for readers.

  • You will surely need to focus on shingle choice as you are planning a roof replacement.
  • You also need to consider the local climate as you select an appropriate roofing material.
  • You also must make sure that the best team is installing your roof. Faulty installation can reduce the life span of your roof.


This is a complete guide on the ins and outs of a roof replacement process. It is a hectic and time-consuming process but with an expert roofing team taking charge of the execution, it should be smooth going for you. Your home will now have a brand new roof to flaunt within the local community.

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