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  • Most social networks try to award  generators who inspire their followers. They may do this with some kind of  sanctioned gift box, access to  fresh analytics, or hidden functions. YouTube took it to the coming  position. They decided to  produce a commodity that will encourage vloggers, given that the platform is first in the list of  videos and alternate on the list of  spots in terms of business. That would not be possible if vloggers didn’t  live.  
  • Let’s start with the most  precious, real  price for authors: YouTube Play Buttons.  can you use boostfollowers for more followers or viewers
  • When this started 

  • Tim Shay, administrative director of  videotape hosting, presented the YouTube Golden and Silver Buttons during one of the most major periodic Vicon events in 2012. Of course,  generators were not growing as  presto as they did ten times agene
  •             , so the decision to award the tableware Button to  generators who reached 100,000 subscribers and the Golden Button to  generators who reached 1 million subs. This created an exclusive and prestigious  price.  
  • It was only many times ago that YouTube began to develop  vastly more  fleetly, and the inflow of  observers hit an all time high. So YouTube made the decision to hire a whole  plant to  produce these buttons. The  videotape hosting representatives promise that all buttons are hand made specifically for  generators.  

In 2015, YouTube Vice President of Product Management Matthew Gloss Bach boasted that the  platoon was ready to introduce the Diamond button, which was intended for  generators with ten million subscribers. 

The philanthropist of this prestigious award was PewDiePie, a well- known Swedish  videotape blogger. 

The Custom Creator Award doesn’t have a certain design; the YouTube  platoon decided that this award should be created  singly, according to the style of each  unborn vlogger. 

According to the  rearmost data, about 40 channels have crossed the threshold of 50 million subscribers. But the first bones were  recognized to admit the Custom button PewDiePie, T- Series, 5- nanosecond Crafts and Cocomelon- Nursery Proses.  

The Red Diamond Creator Award appeared in 2019 and was first held by the Indian marker and film plant T- Series. And, of course, it’s the world’s most prestigious YouTube award. The Red Diamond is given to  generators with  further than 100 million followers.  

This most prestigious prize was awarded to seven YouTube channels T- Series, Cocomelon, Sony Entertainment Television India, Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, Kids Diana Show and Like Nesta.  

The most popular channel on YouTube is still officially  honored- the Indian channel T- Series with 239 million  observers. It’s  intriguing to imagine what  price will be next, because it’s been a little  further than 10 times, and  generators are  constantly pushing the boundaries of success on the platform.  

How to get the Play Button Award

The  thing of 239 million subscribers  presumably seems  fantastic . Still, growing to 100 thousand subs is  relatively realistic — you will need only 0.04 of the  followership from the  mammoth T- Series. 

You can get a reward if:

Your channel is active, i.e., you have uploaded content to it over the  past six months.  

In the last 365 days, you haven’t  entered any warnings about breaches of community rules. 

You misbehave with the YouTube Terms of Service.  

You haven’t been  barred from the YouTube Partner Program.  

Your channel isn’t blocked or associated with a remote account.  

You misbehave with the rules regarding spam, fraud, and theft.  

You publish  substantially original content. YouTube doesn’t award awards to those who upload  compendiums , mixes, or collections with third- party content or  videos that dominate other people’s content.  

But despite the item about the  chapter program, you aren’t  needed to be a part of it. You can use third- party( permitted) services. also the decision to give you the award will simply be taken collectively and after a thorough  examination.  

What other criteria does YouTube have for creators?

You don’t have the right to transfer and  sell original prizes. Unfortunately, if  similar information reaches the  videotape hosting  operation, they will be forced to take action. For  example, they could withdraw a prize, deprive you of the rights to admit  unborn prizes, or block your YouTube or Google account.  can you use boostfollowers for more followers or viewers

It should be noted that not all  generators from all countries can  presently  share in the program.  

The full list you can check then Help. 

How do I know if I can get a YouTube award?

still, and the number of subscribers has exceeded the threshold of 100 thousand- congratulations, If you realize that your channel didn’t violate the below rules. You have the capability to admit your first well- justified award – the YouTube Silver Play Button.  

How to check eligibility?

You must complete a small check then Help. Fill out the channel details,  stay for the decision, and enter the  law to admit the award.  

Be careful;  videotape hosting warns that each country will have its own rules. Customs duties, for  illustration, aren’t YouTube ‘responsibility.

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