How to find clothes you love in your wardrobe?

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It’s always a problem when markets are full of trends, and we don’t even know what will look cool on us. “This one’s good. No. I don’t like the colour!” Your wardrobe is probably filled with clothes you don’t even like, right?

That’s the problem. You visit markets and shops, see a lot of collection and come back home empty-handed. In fact, you sometimes feel like you don’t even know what’s your taste and style?

It’s normal, but let’s talk about how you can ditch it and grab the clothes you’d love to have in your wardrobe and wear them all the time.

Too many stores and clothes? Uggh!

If you see a wide collection of clothes in a shopping mall and get all confused. Try this. Just go over each of the collections, look at them, analyse them, and picture this: “How would I look if I wore this?”

By picturing yourself wearing something, you can get the idea. And if you picture yourself looking cool wearing those clothes. Now it’s time to buy it. Yeah, buy it. Remember that experimenting isn’t bad. This is how you find your style.

Mix it up

Let’s learn from Ama, who is a professional corporate woman. She had to wear a lot of office and professional suits, but after the start of Covid, she was at home, as we all know.

She couldn’t wear all that casual clothing in online meetings, so she mixed it up! She wore professional shirts with street-style punk jeans and casual.

You can buy some casual bottoms and make a remix with professional shirts or mix professional jeans with casual shirts.

Remember, you can only find your style when you keep experimenting with it. Don’t buy any clothes you’re confused about. Buy clothes that you picture yourself wearing and looking good.

Inspiration will help you win

Still, stuck and can’t even picture yourself wearing something? Well, then, see others and what they are wearing.

See what your friends are wearing and ask them for good choices. Instagram is full of inspiration, with millions of casual and professional gals taking their photos.

Go over to photos with cool dresses, and now ask yourself. “Will I look good wearing them?”

Do focused shopping!

We know your needs; that’s why we’ve got a place where you find those clothes you’ve just been craving. Wait! This isn’t some kind of slow brand with useless clothes.

We’re talking about Princess Polly, where they are focusing on one thing: to shove your clothes that aren’t cookie-cutter but cutting edge to help you find your taste.

Because the collection is vast, you can see many dresses; you can find clothes with categories including shorts, maxis, minis, full dresses, and more. We bet you’ll find many dresses you can picture yourself wearing and expressing your style.

If you’re on a tight budget, check out the price cuts you can get with the Princess Polly discount code from Revounts.

Professional means no style? Wrong!

If you’re thinking that professional clothes are killing your style, that’s not the fact; you can purchase those cool combinations of bottoms and tops to give you an edge over your look.

You don’t have to wear that black coat and pants; make a combination of clothing according to what your corporate professional environment allows. Don’t be afraid of looking unprofessional; you have your mirror. Go have a look at your mirror and see if your combination looks cool.

If you’re stuck, don’t forget, you can check out those good old Instagram and Pinterest and see how other women are making combinations of professional and casual dresses.

You can’t come up with combination ideas? Copy from the celebrity or fashion designer you like. There’s nothing wrong in copying other’s dressing clothing by wearing that combination again and again. You’ll know what’s your demand for style.

Don’t be afraid, just keep experimenting

If you wear something and that’s your experiment, get your head up and go on streets like a boss, yeah, nobody’s gonna be laughing at you. That’s how the fashion works. If you don’t know, you have to figure it out. So keep figuring it out with different clothing for you.

Look, when you wear something again and again and keep seeing yourself in the mirror, you slowly build your mindset of style and personal taste. People were confused like you all they did is experiment and you have to experiment like that.

Throw those pieces that make you feel weird and you don’t even feel excited to wear them. Clutter means confusion! Keep your wardrobe clean with pieces that at least make you feel excited. Once any cloth make you feel pieces. Who knows? That might be your new favourite garment.

Conclusion: If you don’t know, keep wearing

We shared with you the number one secret of designers, and you know this works everywhere, if someone doesn’t know what to do, they figure it out. If you don’t know what’s your style is, you experiment it and figure it out.

But hey, Princess Polly is offering a lot of new trendy clothing for you. Don’t be confused, just keep looking at their store and find what makes you excited. Not all thousands of clothes are for you so stay focused, keep experimenting.

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