6 Social Media Optimization Techniques for SMBs in 2024

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Social media optimization hosts about 4.80 billion daily users, and the average usage span is estimated to be 2 hours and 24 minutes. The younger part of the population, comprising Gen-Z and Millennials, spends more time on social media than average, being close to four hours and 2 hours and 38 minutes for the latter.

Therefore, having an impactful social media presence has become the need of the hour for organizations in 2024 and beyond. Now the question is: how can you have an effective social media presence that improves your organization’s visibility and guarantees favorable results this year?

All roads lead to engagement, and all strategies converge: Your answer to this is social media optimization.

What is Social Media Optimization?

The process of increasing audience engagement, like increasing traffic on social media accounts, is called social media optimization. While the primary purpose of social media optimization is to generate audience engagement, the objectives for executing SMO vary from business to business. Newly established firms or small businesses may want to build brand awareness. Big corporations may want to inform their audience about new offerings or news. Similarly, traditional businesses may want to rebrand.

The reason behind SMO for most businesses is lead generation, customer attraction, and retention.

Almost 77% of businesses, from small to gigantic corporations, use social media accounts to reach customers, yet only a few do a good enough job to cash in on their customers.

If you want to make your audience cashable, then here are some SMO techniques that can assist your business.

1.   Profile Optimization

First and foremost, what your audience sees on social media is your business profile. A business must have a succinctly engaging social media profile. A social media handle or channel for a business should have details like a physical location address, contact information, and URL links to related pages. Such details are necessary as they allow your audience to navigate, make contact, and make purchases.

Profile optimization also includes setting the profile picture on social media channels. The best practice for developing a profile picture is to use the business’s logo as a profile picture. This allows your audience to easily recognize your business’s channel whenever they come across it. Besides, the profile picture on every social media channel should be consistent.

2.   Content Management

The content on your social media platforms plays a vital role in audience attraction and retention. Content management is necessary to increase audience engagement, and here are some ways your business can adopt it:

·         Keyword Usage

The keywords used in the caption play a crucial role in enhancing the searchability of your profile. The algorithm of the social media sites ranks that content higher, which is keyword-optimized.

·         Visual Content

A business’s social media profile should also include visual content like animation, pictures, and videos. Visuals help make social media content engaging and attractive, resulting in increased audience engagement, which would drastically increase the chances of driving more revenue and getting more leads. Visual content should also be of high quality and should vary from platform to platform. For TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it is preferable to use short videos like reels, and for platforms like Facebook, using longer videos is effective.

3.   Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are those public figures with a mass following on social media platforms. The mass following also reflects the trust and interest of social media users in those social figures. Collaborating with them can boost the social media visibility of your business, therefore driving more traffic and speeding up the lead generation process.

Collaborating with mainstream influencers is easy for big corporations with tons of dollars to spend on marketing. If you run a small or medium-sized business, collaborating with mainstream influencers can be costly. Businesses with budget restrictions can collaborate with nano-influencers with a following of 100,000. These influencers, in general, are viable to collaborate with as they charge less.

4.   Post Scheduling

Businesses should also have a proper schedule for posting. Operations like these can be streamlined with post-scheduling features on social media. Frequent social media posts ensure that your audience is actively communicated with.

These calendars are usually made prior to the start of the month, and each post should be insightful and data-driven so as to engage and guide the audience.

5.   Hashtags

One of the powerful tools that can boost your post’s visibility is hashtags. Hashtags increase reach. Social posts with hashtags can acquire two times more engagement than those without hashtags. Hashtags are also used on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and X to boost a post’s reach.

Hashtags are valuable tools for businesses. However, it’s important to note that using generic or irrelevant hashtags may not be beneficial. If others have heavily used hashtags, it would be meaningless.

6.   Analyzing KPIs

Quantitative metrics can be used by a business to analyze its performance on social media and how effective its SMO campaigns are. These are called SMO KPIs. Some of the most famous SMO KPIs include web visits from channels, likes, shares, comments, and traffic conversion. Once the results of the KPIs are attained, businesses can experiment, modify, and work on the weaknesses of their social media campaigns.


SMO campaigns are effective not only for increasing the social visibility of a business but also as a cost-efficient way of promoting it, which is mainly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. Yet creating SMO campaigns for businesses can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. What can be done here is to seek the services of experts like social media marketing agencies, like SMB Services.

SMB Service is a reputable social media marketing agency that levels up the social media visibility of your business. From helping you gain more reach and impressions on social media posts to converting clicks into customers, SMB provides 360 social media optimization and management services.

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