Some simple steps to overcome exam fear

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Some students get panic before the examination. Well, this might seem natural to feel like that, but if it takes a toll on your mental health then it must not be overlooked. Having an exam fear can generate nervousness, worry, and even self-doubt. 


All these factors can put a bad impact on one’s preparation for the exam. Test anxiety can be bothersome not only to students of primary and secondary schools but also to college students, and office employees for their career growth or verified certification.


Some simple steps that can help in overcoming exam fear


Systematic way of studying


When the examination is near, students are provided with study-skills classes and other resources by schools to help them with better study patterns. It improves concentration on studies and devotes time to each subject, practicing notes on the questions that are expected to come in the exam.


Get up early to study


During the examinations, students need to get up early in the morning, as it is the best time to feel refreshed and build focus on the particular subject. If it feels to study overtime a bit, then do it but do take intervals to relax and then resume study preparation again. Never depend on cramming as it does not prove helpful. 


Don’t hesitate to take the teacher’s help


One must be clear enough to know what is expected in an examination and to prepare accordingly. If a student has any confusion regarding any subject, then he must not hesitate in clearing the doubts with his teacher. He will always give needful advice that can be of much help in performing better at exams. If the matter becomes worse, then there is no shame in taking help from a professional counselor is also 


Follow some techniques for relaxation


Being too glued to books and other study materials can be very exhausting. Hence, to remove the excess clutter in mind, one needs to follow some relaxation techniques which can be deep breathing, reflexing muscles, meditating with eyes closed, and dreaming of a good result. 


Stick to a proper diet


Just like a car needs petrol to run on roads, similarly, our mind also demands fuel to work. To excel in exams does not mean studying hard and overlooking health. It will only worsen it. Hence make a habit to drink plenty of liquid intakes. It is suggested to keep oneself away from having sugar drinks like soda pop. This leads to a rise and drop in blood sugar. Rather than energy or caffeinated drinks, it is recommended to have a hot cup of coffee. 


Do at least one exercise


If it is not possible to practice all exercises then do at least one as it is necessary in releasing the exam fear and stress. Doing aerobic exercise regularly will help a lot in this regard.


Take an adequate amount of sleep


Both body and mind need rest to get refreshed the next day. It is a clear indication that a student must have plenty of sleep so that he gets up and refreshed the next day. And this applies to both preteens and teenagers. But adults must also not be deprived of taking an adequate amount of sleep so that there is no effect on their work performance. 



So these are some of the simple steps that can help in overcoming exam stress. By following them one can be at ease at studying confidently for his exams. If there is any event that is related to one’s concern, then one must be a part of it and get the event participation certificate.

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