Top visit attractions in Shimla and Manali for a perfect family vacation

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The scenic hill stations of Shimla and Manali are two of India’s most famous regions. For a perfect family trip, there are many attractions in Shimla and Manali to explore. Nestled in the lap of the great Himalayas, they are two charming towns of India.

Above all, they offer a pleasant blend of natural beauty, adventure, and culture. Shimla and Manali further offers lush green views to snow capped mountains to the tourists. In other words, it have something to attract each family member. Let’s explore the top places that make Shimla Manali ideal choices for a family tour.


1: The Ridge

The Ridge is the heart of Shimla and a must visit spot for tourists. It is one of the main attractions in Shimla and Manali of Himachal Pradesh.

The Ridge offers stunning views of the nearby mountains and colonial era structure. It is a bustling social hub where families can take leisurely walks. They can also shop for souvenirs, and enjoy delicious street food here.

2: Mall Road

One of the most famous shopping spot in Shimla, Mall Road. Moreover, it is a heaven for shopaholics.

The Mall road is lined with shops giving a range of goods. You can get handicrafts, souvenirs, woollens and local dishes here. Taking a stroll on Mall Road in the evening with your family is a pleasant experience.

3: Kufri

Located just a short drive from Shimla, Kufri is a winter wonderland. It offers thrilling sports for example tobogganing, skiing, and snowboarding during the winter months. In the summer, you can enjoy horse riding and stunning views of the Himalayan peaks.

4: Jakhoo Hill and Temple

Jakhoo Hill is the highest point in Shimla. It firstly offers stunning views of the city.

The Jakhoo Temple devoted to Lord Hanuman is at the hilltop. Families can further take a short trek to reach the temple and enjoy the serene climate.

5: Shimla Toy Train

Embark on a pleasant journey aboard the UNESCO listed Shimla Kalka Toy Train. The train ride takes you through scenic valleys and charming villages. Above all, it provide a unique experience for the entire family.


1: Hadimba Devi Temple

Located amidst deodar forests, the Hadimba Devi Temple is an ancient wooden temple. This temple is devoted to Goddess Hadimba, the wife of Bhima from the Mahabharata. Above all, the temple’s serene ambiance make it a calm spot for family visits.

2: Rohtang Pass

A visit to Rohtang Pass is a highlight of any Manali trip. Having snow capped peaks all around this is a high altitude pass.

The Rohtang Pass offers options for snow activities for example skiing and snowboarding. Its stunning landscapes further make it a perfect spot for family photos.

3: Solang Valley

Solang Valley is a thrillers heaven where families can indulge in thrilling sports. It offers many options for example paragliding, zorbing, and ATV rides. In the winter, it transforms into a winter sports spot, offering skiing and snowboarding options.

4: Manikaran Sahib

Above all, Manikaran Sahib is a famous Sikh sacred site with hot springs. These hot springs are believed to have healing effects.

The temple’s calm ambiance and the natural beauty it make it a spiritual and serene spot. However, all of the family members of all ages can come here.

5: Vashisht Village

Vashisht Village is nestled in Manali. It is known for its ancient Vashisht Temple and natural hot water springs.

Firstly, families can take a dip in the hot springs. After that, explore the quaint village with its ancient wooden houses.


A family vacation to Shimla and Manali promises an exciting journey. It is filled with beauty of nature, thrill and cultural aspects.

You can stroll through the Mall Road in Shimla and enjoy snow sports in Rohtang Pass. After that, visit to ancient temples to enjoying hot springs in Manali. These regions further offer a perfect blend of experiences for the entire family.

They offers charming views, pleasant weather, and a myriad of places. Shimla and Manali have rightfully earned their place among India’s most sought after family tour spots.

So, gather your loved ones, pack your bags, and head to Shimla Manali for family trip. After that, create pleasant memories to last a life time.

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