What Are The Financial Requirements For A Schengen Visa From India?

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If you want to travel to Schengen country as an Indian citizen, then one of the essential requirements is to have enough financial means to meet all your expenses during your whole stay in the Schengen country. 

You can provide your salary slips or bank statements of at least 6 months to the embassy officials. In this article, there is the average per day cost in EUR and INR according to every country of the Schengen area. 

How Much Bank Credit Do You Need To Apply For Schengen Visa In India?

Funds you need to visit Schengen country from India depends upon the country that you are planning to visit:


To visit Austria, you must have a daily budget of at least 100 EUR (INR 8998.18). This is the average money spent by thy tourist coming to Austria.


To apply for a Belgium Schengen visa in India, you must have a minimum of 95 EUR (INR 8548.27) to spend in a day.


If you want to stay in Czechia, you must demonstrate to the Czech authorities in India that you have at least CZK 1490 ( INR 5712.47) per day.


When you apply for a Denmark Visa from India, according to Danish Alien Laws, you must have at least DKK 350 (INR 4226.68) per day to spend in Denmark. You must have at least DKK 500, which equals INR 6038.12, in case you plan to have a hotel reservation for your intended stay.


The minimum bank balance you must have at least should be 130 EUR or INR 11769.62 to spend per day during your stay in Estonia.


If you intend to visit Finland, you must demonstrate that you have enough budget of at least 30 EUR or INR 2699.45 per day.


If you want a visa to France, you must show that you have enough funds in your bank account. You will shave to demonstrate that you have a daily budget of EUR 65 (INR 5848.82). 


If you’re going to apply for a Germany Schengen visa from India, you must have at least 45 EUR (INR 4049.18) per day. Always remember that the German embassy asks you why you are visiting Germany and your plans to return to the country of residence after your visa expires. 


If you plan to visit Greece schengen country, then you are expected to have at least EUR 50 (INR 4499.09) in your account according to the per-day expenses. 


Hungary visas in India require a minimum daily expenditure of 10,000 HUF (equivalent to INR 2,409.94).


Iceland Schengen visa applicants from India must prove they have ISK 8,000 (equivalent to INR 4,830.23)* per day.


EUR 269.60 (equivalent to INR 24,259.09) is the overall fee for an Italy Schengen visa for a stay up to five days, while EUR 44.93 per day for stays up to ten days.


The applicant surely has a budget of 100 CHF or 9136.01 INR daily. This is very important to give evidence of the budget.


If you want to obtain a Lativa visa from India, then you must have at least EUR 40 or INR 1259.75 in your bank accordingly to per day budget.


If you are applying for a visit visa to Lithuania and want your visa application to be processed successfully, you must have enough financial funds in your bank. The per day cost of living in Lithuania is 40 EUR or 3599.27 INR.


According to Jan 1, 2018, the financial means to obtain a visa to Luxembourg is EUR 67, equivalent to INR 6028.78 per day. You must put this amount in your bank account to spend or to meet your daily expenses as a tourist from India. 

Since January 1, 2018, the financial means required to receive a Luxembourg Schengen visa from India is EUR 67 (equivalent to INR 6,028.78)* per day.


If you want to obtain a visa to visit Malta, you must have at least EUR 48, equivalent to INR 4319.13, to spend per day to get a visa to Malta.


The per day cost to visit the Netherlands is EUR 55 or INR 4949.00. You must show that you can meet the cost of living in the Netherlands.


To obtain a visit visa to India for Norway, you must provide proof of financial means to the embassy officials. You must have at least 48 EUR, equal to INR 4319.13 daily, to spend nationwide. 


To receive a visa to Poland for stays not exceeding 3 days, you must submit a minimum amount of PLN 300 (equivalent to INR 5,899.56)* for the overall stay. If your stay exceeds three days, you must submit proof of at least PLN 75 (equivalent to INR 1,474.89)* for each day of the planned stay.


You must prove that you have at least EUR 40, equivalent to INR 3599.27 for each day you can easily spend there. 


The daily cost to live in Slovakia is 56 EUR, equivalent to 5038.98 to spend daily.


If you want to avail Slovenia Schengen visa, you must show proof that you have a minimum of EUR 70 (equivalent to INR 6,298.73)* to spend daily in the country. This amount is halved to EUR 35 (equivalent to INR 3,149.36)*for minors.


The Ministry of Presidency of Spain says that you must pay at least EUR 100, equal to INR 8998.18 per day, and a minimum of 900 EUR (INR 80,983.61) per person to stay In Spain and it doesn’t matter how long you stay there.


If you plan to visit Switzerland, you must provide evidence to the embassy during your appointment that you can easily meet all your daily expenses in the Schengen zone. The daily budget limit to live in Switzerland is almost 92.34 EUR or INR 9136.01.


Applicants for Swedish visas must show proof that they have SEK 450 or EUR 48.26 (equivalent to INR 3,570.44) each day to spend during their stay in the country.


  • These rates in INR may change according to the currency exchange.
  • You also need to reserve a flight for visa application to Schengen country. You can contact any online company to avail of this service. 
  • Always contact the embassies after seeing their reviews.

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